Supplemental #4: Stump the Geek!


Stump the Geek!It’s been a long time coming, but this day was inevitable.

We’re on our way back to New England from Las Vegas, and we figured what better time to feature the return of listener favorite, “Stump the Geek!”

The rules are simple: Bill has created five trivia questions for Dan to answer and each one is worth a random point value. Dan is not allowed to use any reference material at all–no internet, no books, no notes–nothing! He can only rely on his memory and the information trapped in his wee brain!

If Dan makes it through all five questions, he proceeds to the “Double or Nothing Bonus Round!” Plus, in this special post-Vegas edition, there may be an added level of complexity.

Will Bill stump Dan? Find out in our fourth Supplemental Episode!


Five Year MissionIt was so amazing to see Five Year Mission play for five straight days as the house band for Creation’s 2016 Las Vegas Official Star Trek Convention! It flew by and we can only hope that Creation brings them back next year for the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation!

We’re truly grateful to them for letting us use their amazing music for the podcast. Please support them and buy their albums! Plot a course over to and check out all their tunes–and get yourself some cool Five Year Mission gear!


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