Episode 144: Stump the Geek

WELCOME TO THE ROCK! It is a contest as old as Star Trek itself. OK, well maybe it’s not THAT old. Once again, Dan Davidson will attempt to tame the...

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Episode 143: The Enterprise

SHIP OF DREAMS It plays a central role in four television series and numerous films. We speak, of course, of the beloved Starship Enterprise and all her various incarnations! Boldly...

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Episode 142: See It or Skip It: DS9 Season 3

WHICH ONES WOULD YOU SKIP? The fan favorite is back! We return this week after an impromptu break (more about that in the outtake) with another installment of See...

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Episode 141: Odo & Quark

A COMPLEX RELATIONSHIP Of all the relationships in Star Trek, perhaps none is as layered and complex as the one between Odo and Quark. On one side, you have...

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Episode 140: Star Trek (2009)

REBOOTING THE ORIGINAL SERIES Few decisions in the Star Trek universe were more controversial than the announcement that there would be a new cast for movies featuring Captain Kirk,...

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Episode 139: Say Something Nice

SILVER LININGS There’s always something to love in every episode of Trek and this week, we’ll take a look at the episodes we like the least in a completely...

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