Trek Geeks #31: Encounter at the Emissary’s Caretaker Cage at Broken Bow


Ep 31 - PilotsThe Trek Geeks are back after a one-week hiatus, and we certainly have plenty to talk about!

In this week’s episode, we’ll spend a lot of time considering a lot of first episodes of various Star Trek series. Which ones stand out? Which ones aren’t we fans of? Which ones are the best first episodes of their respective shows?

Plus, we’ll catch up on some recent developments in the world of Star Trek news:

Then, after some voice mail feedback regarding our recent Star Trek: Renegades review episode, Bill abuses Dan in an all-new version of Stump The Geek!

It’s our longest episode title ever and we hope you’ll join us!


We can’t thank the guys of Five Year Mission enough for letting us use their music on the Trek Geeks Podcast.

Go buy Spock’s Brain!
Go buy Spock’s Brain!
Go buy Spock’s Brain!

Plus, find out where the band is playing next and check out their other albums all at their awesome website: Seriously, just go do it. #MakeItSo!



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