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Trek Geeks #31: Encounter at the Emissary’s Caretaker Cage at Broken Bow

AN EPISODE OF FIRSTS The Trek Geeks are back after a one-week hiatus, and we certainly have plenty to talk about! In this week’s episode, we’ll spend a lot of time considering a lot of first episodes of various Star Trek series. Which ones stand out? Which ones aren’t we fans of? Which ones are…

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Trek Geeks #28: STLV Wrap-Up & Ashley V. Robinson

IS IT 2016 YET? It was one amazing time, that’s for sure! Bill and Dan have returned from the gigantic Official Star Trek Convention in (Fabulous) Las Vegas, Nevada! They met new friends… They got autographs… They took pictures… …and they laughed a LOT. They also came back with the mysterious “Khan Krud” that seemed…

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