SyFy Sistas 3.07: The Star Trek Cruise VI Recap

Just sit back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of The Star Trek Cruise. All the Sistas went this year. All the...

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Rewind #039: Deja Q

Deja Q! Have we met before? It’s that time listeners… Haley and Sara have watched, discussed and recorded their thoughts on the epic...

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With The First Link 2.17: Samaritan Snare

TNG: SEASON 1, EPISODE 17 LaForge is placed in grave danger when the Enterprise responds to distress call from the Pakleds who need...

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Con Pod #011: Introduction to STLV, Part 1

How to Vegas In this month’s episode of the ConPod, we are joined by the host of the WeeklyTrek podcast Alex Perry, one...

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SyFy Sistas 3.06: The Life and Times of Andreea Kindryd

Author Andreea Kindryd Andreea Kindryd joined the Sistas from Australia for a chat about her sampler book “From Slavery to Star Trek.” Ms....

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Discovering Trek: Star Trek Discovery CANCELED

BREAKING NEWS In this special breaking news edition of Discovering Trek, Bill Smith, Ron Wrobel, and Mike Bovia discuss the announcement by Paramount+...

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