Trek Geeks #313: News of the Quadrant

They're Back! Calling all Trekkies! Set phasers to "stun" because Bill and Dan are back on the Bridge of the Trek Geeks for...

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The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast 6.02: Matt Kaplowitz

Trek Untold Host Trek Long Island is right around the corner and Matt Kaplowitz from the podcast Trek Untold has been hard at work...

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SyFy Sistas 4.06: Our Geek Origin Stories

Support Your Local Library The Sistas reminiscence on how it all started. Fran, Subrina, Tamia and Yvette share the intimate details of their...

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The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast 6.01: Three Body Problem

The 2024 Netflix Sci-Fi Series We're launching into season six with a bang as we explore the exciting new Netflix series Three Body Problem....

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Deep Space Pride The One Where We Catch Up on Discovery

And after another unexpected break, we find out that we have four episodes of Discovery to catch up on! This is fine. April...

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Rewind #051: Disengage

The one with the starship hotel reference Welcome back listeners to another Picard Season 3 episode of Rewind! Today Haley and I are...

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