Supplemental #7: 2016 Outtakes Special, Part 2


As 2016 winds down, we thought we’d put together some special bonus content in the form of outtakes before we return with an all-new episode on January 3, 2017!

Many of you know that following the end theme of every podcast episode, there is an outtake–something that we talked about either immediately before or after recording that week’s show.

Some of you have heard them, and some of you haven’t, so we assembled a collection of all our clips from 2016 in not one, but TWO Supplemental Episodes of Trek Geeks! We had such great response to last year’s Outtakes Special, that we doubled up on it this year, and we hope you enjoy it–and this second part is SUPER SIZED!

We hope that you all have the happiest of holidays and a safe and Happy New Year! We’ll be back next week with our 2016 Year in Review episode!


Buy all their albums online at FiveYearMission.netMusic for the Trek Geeks Podcast is provided by Five Year Mission and we truly cannot thank them enough for allowing us to use their amazing music each and every episode!

Please head on over to and check out their music. Seriously, if you listen to them, your Awesomocity Factor will increase like ten times what it is right now. We’re big fans of theirs, and we want you to be fans, too. All your friends are doing it…you’ll be cool…everyone will like you.

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