Trek Geeks #129: The Conscience of the King


4,000 people.

That’s how many were executed at the directive of Governor Kodos of the failed Tarsus IV after a fungus destroyed most of the colony’s food supply leaving 8,000 colonists to starve to death. Kodos ordered the deaths of the 4,000 so the other 4,000 colonists might live.

Among those survivors was James T. Kirk and, now, he’s left with the task of figuring out if actor Anton Karidian is really Kodos the Executioner.

This week, we’ll discuss this classic TOS episode and why it was one of Bill’s favorites, even as a child. We’ll talk about our favorite moments from this episode and examine the central question, “What, if anything, could Captain Kirk have done differently?

Plus, news on a brand new Star Trek merchandise portal on the world’s biggest retailer, how William Shatner thinks he could be incorporated into Star Trek again, and listener voice mails in this episode of Your Independent Star Trek Podcast!

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