Trek Geeks #127: Harry Kim Must Suffer


Man, has this guy been through a lot.

Ensign Harry Kim of the Starship Voyager. Operations Officer of the only Starfleet vessel in the Delta Quadrant. In seven years, he has seen a lot of things happen.

The problem is, they’ve happened to him. Harry could be the most abused character in the history of Star Trek and, this week, Dan and Bill will take a look at the oft-tortured and long-suffering ensign. They’ll discuss some of the more creative ways he was tortured and consider why he wasn’t promoted once by Captain Janeway.

Plus, there’s news on a new book on TOS, award nominations for Star Trek: Discovery, a brand-new podcast from Dr. Trek, and we’ll fondly remember DeForest Kelley who would have been 98 years old this week.

It’s all in Episode 127 of Your Independent Star Trek Podcast!


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