Trek Geeks #120: Encounter at Farpoint


This week, we travel back to 1987 and the episode that ushered in a brand new era for Star Trek fans!

“Encounter at Farpoint” was the first brand new Star Trek on television in almost twenty years and, we didn’t know it at the time, but it was the beginning of 25 straight seasons of television across four different shows.

We’ll look at this first episode of TNG as part of our TNG30 celebration. We’ll tell you what we enjoy about this episode, as well as what we might have done differently.

Let’s see what’s out there in this 120th episode of Your Independent Star Trek Podcast!


Five Year Mission

We can’t thank FIVE YEAR MISSION enough. We are truly grateful to them for allowing us to use their music for every episode of Trek Geeks. You really should check them out–they’re writing and recording one original song for each episode of the classic Star Trek series from the 1960’s.

Warp on over to their website at and check out all of their fantastic albums! You can hear them all: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, The Trouble with Tribbles, and of course, the amazing Spock’s Brain! Plus, they’re wrapping up Year 4 right now!

Please show them some support and download all their music!