Trek Geeks #113: See-It or Skip-It: TNG S5


Our See-It or Skip-It episodes are always fun, and this one is no exception!

This time, we’ll take a good, long look at the 5th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. With episodes like “Darmok,” “Unification I & II,” and “The Inner Light,” there is plenty to talk about in TNG’s fifth season!

Joining us for the fun will be “The Godfather of the Trek Geeks Podcast,” Bill’s long time friend, Dan Kregor of the Inside Podcast Network!

(You have Dan to blame for introducing Bill to podcasting in the first place.)

He’ll attempt to referee the chaos that is See-It or Skip-It, but that’s always a monumental task when Bill and Dan are involved.

We’ll have that, plus lots of news in this week’s installment of Your Independent Star Trek Podcast!


Five Year MissionMusic for the Trek Geeks Podcast is provided by FIVE YEAR MISSION and we are can’t thank them enough for allowing us to use their music each and every week.

They’re working on their brand-new Year 4 album right now! In the meantime, head on over to and get yourself their complete discography: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, The Trouble With Tribbles, and Spock’s Brain!  We’re huge fans of theirs and we know you will be, too!


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