Trek Geeks #97: TNG: Our Top 10


Well, as the 30th anniversary of Star Trek the Next Generation continues to ramp up, we thought it would be fun to have another great “which is the best of the best” discussion.  With 178 episodes of TNG to choose from, we figured there will be a great mix of expected episodes, and possibly a few surprises!

But that’s not all!  Since we are doing another “ranking episode,”  it only makes sense to bring back is Mr. TrekRanks himself – yeah, yeah, the man who actually fired the phasers on the good ole NX-01, Mr EnterpriseExtra, Jim Moorhouse and we are thrilled he is joining us again for our TNG discussion.

As with our previous TOS rankings, we have followed Jim’s lead from his website and listed our episode, followed by a short 5 word description, and then an ultimate hashtag comment for each choice.  Below are the choices of Dan and Bill for their Ultimate Top 10, and you can see Jim’s TNG rankings at!:


Dan Bill
10 Fistful of Datas
Good Ancient West Holodeck Fun
All Good Things…
Wonderful bookend to Farpoint pilot
 9 Future Imperfect
16 year Riker memory gap

Thine Own Self
Data’s amnesia causes big problems #Radioactive

8 Starship Mine
Barion Sweep cleans AND kills
Communication is essential to success
7 The Wounded
Great Intro to Cardassian baddies
Spock. Spock. Spock. Spock. Spock.
6 Q Who
The Federation’s Greatest Threat Arrives
The Drumhead
Salem Witch Trials in 2368
5 The Pegasus
Cloaking Device Experiment Gone Wrong
 The Pegasus
Riker’s loyalty gets completely divided #PointThePhaserAtPressman
4 All Good Things…
Picard must save humanity – again
 The Inner Light
The life Picard never had
3 Best of Both Worlds
Borg assimilate Picard – ‘nuff said
Perfect follow-up to Borg aftermath
2 Chain of Command
Cardassian torture & Enterprise chaos
Best of Both Worlds
When it finally came together
1 The Inner Light
The best Picard episode ever
Chain of Command
Stewart’s best performance as Picard.


Plus:  news on the a new “autobiography” coming out regarding our favorite follicly-challenged Captain, a Star Trek: Discovery cast photo emerges (kind of), several Trek alums are up for Emmy Awards, and yet another amazing update on the DS9 Doc!  It’s all in Episode 97 of “Your Independent Star Trek Podcast” and we hope you’ll join us!


We love FIVE YEAR MISSION and we can’t thank them enough for allowing us to use their music on Trek Geeks each and every episode. We’re huge fans and we hope you’ll become one, too–they’re writing and recording one original song for each episode of the classic Star Trek series from the 1960’s.

Warp on over to their website at and check out each and every one of their incredible albums! You can hear them all: Year One, Year Two, Year Three, The Trouble with Tribbles, and of course, the amazing Spock’s Brain!  Plus, don’t forget that they are working on Year Four right now!

These are the Five Year Mission songs you’ll hear in this episode of Trek Geeks!

The Cage – [Track 1] – Year One
The Trouble With Tribbles 6 – [Track 6] – The Trouble With Tribbles

Bumper Music
Amok Time – [Track 15] – Year Two
Metamorphosis – [Track 7] – Year Three


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