Trek Geeks #82: First Officer Thunderdome


First Officer ThunderdomeThey’re the second in command on their respective ships, carrying out the orders of the Captain—they’re the First Officers and they play a critical role in Star Trek.

In this week’s episode, we’ll take a look at the five First Officers to date and talk about several key areas where these individuals excel and, in the end, only one will be left standing!

Plus, we’ll talk about the latest news in the Star Trek universe from our good friends at, and we’ll also tell you how “The Trial of the Century” went during the 24 hour fundraiser by the amazing folks at The G&T Show!

Five officers enter–ONE OFFICER LEAVES!  Who will be left standing in Episode 82 of the Trek Geeks Podcast? Find out and LISTEN NOW!


Five Year MissionWe can’t thank FIVE YEAR MISSION enough. We are truly grateful to them for allowing us to use their music for every episode of Trek Geeks. You really should check them out–they’re writing and recording one original song for each episode of  the classic Star Trek series from the 1960’s.

Warp on over to their website at and check out all of their fantastic albums!  You can hear them all: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, The Trouble with Tribbles, and of course, the amazing Spock’s Brain!  Plus, here is a little secret…they are working on Year 4 right now!

Here’s a rundown of the Five Year Mission songs you’ll hear in this episode!

The Cage – [Track 1] – Year One
The Trouble With Tribbles 6 – [Track 6] – The Trouble With Tribbles

Bumper Music
Mudd’s Women – [Track 7] – Year One
The Trouble With Tribbles 4 – [Track 4] – The Trouble With Tribbles


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