Trek Geeks #53: The Dreamer & The Dream


Ep 53 - The Dreamer and The DreamAs Bill was gallivanting on an awe inspiring Tattoo Trek to Las Vegas, Dan decided that this week would be a great time to discuss one of  the best episodes in Star Trek History: Deep Space Nine’s “Far Beyond the Stars”, and when Bill returned, he wholeheartedly agreed!

Star Trek has always been about facing ‘issues of the day’ head on, and this episode is the PERFECT example of just that.  From the incredible acting, to Avery Brooks’ amazing directing, to the ugly truth about racism and bigotry, this episode is considered by fans and cast alike as one of the greatest.

We discuss all the things that we loved about the episode as well as a couple of things that we actually didn’t like. This kind of episode can really cause some intense discussion because of the subject matter, and our discussion is no exception!

In addition, we announce the winners of our Star Trek Timelines Poster contest, discuss or trip to Boston to see Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage and what we think of the announcement that Star Trek The Animated Series is coming to Blu-Ray.  Wait…what?

So sit back, relax and enjoy Episode 53 of Trek Geeks – A Star Trek Podcast!  It isn’t a dream!  It is REAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!  It’s REAAAALLLLLLLLL!  It is REALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!


Bill was in Las Vegas recently to get a brand new Star Trek tattoo! He had a TOS style pinup tattoo designed and it was tattooed by a true Ink Master–Sausage from Revolt Tattoos!

Check out a couple of photos below and check out the current season of Ink Master on Spike! (Check local listings for times.)

Bill's Tattoo 1Bill's Tattoo 3










Five Year MissionDid you like the bumper music between segments in our podcast? Of COURSE you did!

That’s because every single episode we use music from this year’s House Band at STLV50!  They’re our friends at Five Year Mission!

We can never thank them enough for letting us use their amazing music in our podcast every single episode. PLEASE head on out to their website and pick up all of their albums!


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