Trek Geeks #48: Kipleigh Brown

Qapla’, ‘Kip-le!Ep 48 - Kipleigh Brown

It isn’t everyday that a guest responds to an invitation to come on our show in Klingon! How could we not be excited?

In this weeks episode of  Trek Geeks – A Star Trek Podcast, Dan and Bill welcome the very funny and very talented Kipleigh Brown to the show!  As Lt. Barbara Smith, she has helped navigate Kirk and crew to new worlds and new civilizations in several episodes of Star Trek Continues, and we are thrilled to have her discuss her experiences on set!

Additionally we talk about other projects Kipleigh has been seen in, such as  “R.U.R.: Genesis” and “Yesterday was a Lie“, both directed by our good friend James Kerwin, as well as Season 3’s “The Forgotten” on Star Trek: Enterprise.  Whether it is stand up comedy, drama, science fiction or sounding like a robot, Kipleigh is always full of energy and ready to share some great stories!

In addition, the guys discuss Bill’s recent guest appearance on The Tricorder Transmissions’ Shore Leave Podcast as we finally “cross the podcast streams” with our good friends Jeff and Heather.

Also, Tony Todd in the new Star Trek Series on CBS All Access?  Your face in Star Trek: Wrath of Gems? The Trek Geeks Trek50 Project?  All this and more on Episode 48 of Trek Geeks!



See the trailer for the critically-acclaimed  science fiction noir film starring Kipleigh Brown and directed by James Kerwin!


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