Trek Geeks #Happy Treksgiving!


Happy TreksgivingHere in the United States, it’s the week of both Thanksgiving (or “Treksgiving” as we like to call it) and Black Friday–the single biggest holiday shopping day of the year.

In this week’s episode of Trek Geeks, we’ll take a look at some of the gifts our fellow Trek Geeks might be interested in receiving this holiday season. Plus, we’ll take a few moments to share the things that we’re thankful for this year on a personal level.

Then…well…we’ll need to level with everyone and be honest about something.

As you might have noticed, we weren’t able to publish an episode of the podcast last week because we were both travelling. What we haven’t been able to tell you–until now–is where we were and why it postponed last week’s regularly scheduled episode.

This should give you a clue. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Trek Geeks with Vic Mignogna

That’s right! The Trek Geeks were the invited guests of the Star Trek Continues cast and crew as they filmed an episode last week! Now that their shoot is over, we’ll tell you a little bit about our trip and we’ll recount stepping foot on the iconic Bridge of the Starship Enterprise for the very first time.

We cannot thank the cast and crew of Star Trek Continues enough for their hospitality and their kindness. They are a truly amazing group of people and we were incredibly fortunate and grateful to spend a couple of days with them.

All that, plus we’ll talk about some of the latest Star Trek news in this week’s all-new episode of Trek Geeks – A Star Trek Podcast.

We hope that those of you traveling this week for the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States have a safe and Happy Treksgiving!


Buy all their albums online at FiveYearMission.netWe truly can’t thank the guys in Five Year Mission enough for allowing us to use their amazing music each and every episode! Please–support them. Go out to and check out their music, including their new album, “Spock’s Brain!”

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