Trek Geeks #26: Geeks in Vegas, Part II


NOW we understand what the phrase means! Sure, it’s a dry heat, but so is a kiln, honestly. It’s a good thing we spent plenty of time basking in the air conditioning at the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas!

Dan and Bill recap their second full day of the KHAAANN–they extol the virtues of Hash House a Go Go and talk about their first hand experience playing Star Trek Timelines! To be honest, the awesome folks at Disruptor Beam practically had to pry the iPads out of our hands after we were done test driving the game—but you can find out more about that in today’s episode!

Plus, hear about the screening of “The White Iris” which was presented by our friends at! (Did you know how hard it is to get a cab in Vegas anywhere other than a hotel? Yep. We found out! LOL)

Join us for Episode 25 of the Trek Geeks Podcast!


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