Trek Geeks #25: Geeks in Vegas, Part I


It’s finally here! Bill and Dan have beamed down to Las Vegas for the annual KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN and have a report on their first day!

In this mini-episode, we discuss Dan’s first impressions of walking through the Convention space for the first time, his “Vic Moment” in which he squealed like a young pre-teen, the enormity of the Dealer’s Room, the brand new Original Series Bridge that Creation is making available for photo opps, and their plans for today.

It’s the first time we’ve ever recorded in the same room together and now we know why.

If you’re here in Vegas, please say “hi” if you see us and if you’re not, we hope you this mini-cast gives you a sense of how amazing it is here so you join us for the 50th next August!!



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