Trek Geeks #24: Geek The Stump!

Geek the StumpTHE WRATH OF DAN

It’s the week Dan has been anticipating since Episode 1.  He’s been waiting for the right moment.

Ever since the first installment of Stump the Geek, Bill has tasked him. He has tasked him and Dan shall have him.

Dan has chased him around the Moons of Nibia and around the Antares Maelstrom and around Perdition’s flames before he would give him up!  Now, revenge shall be his.

He shall leave Bill marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet…buried alive.

Well, in truth, he’s only going to torture Bill with his own trivia contest that is the Mirror Universe version of STG called, “Geek The Stump!”

Plus, the guys have a discussion on the Borg, on their final preparations for the big Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas coming up in less than a week. It’s a backwards episode of Trek Geeks and we hope you enjoy it!


We can’t thank the guys of Five Year Mission enough for letting us use their music on the Trek Geeks Podcast. Their Spock’s Brain album is out RIGHT NOW, so mosey on over to their website and get yourself a copy already! #MAKEITSO!

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