Trek Geeks #1: Meet the Geeks


The Maiden Voyage of the Trek Geeks Podcast has arrived! We will start to deliver episodes on a bi-weekly basis and talk about all things Trek. We have some great guests lined up for future episodes, but today Bill and Dan introduce themselves, their beginnings as Trek Geeks, and look at the State of Star Trek as a whole.

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Segment 1: Intros & Backgrounds
Segment 2: The State of Star Trek
Segment 3: Star Trek 3 Update
Segment 4: Stump the Geek


Show Notes:

Side-by-side comparison of Star Trek Continues’ “Fairest of Them All” and TOS’ “Mirror Mirror”

Tenacious D performs the Star Trek theme on the Nerdist Podcast:

Star Trek Continues latest KiRkStarter to raise funds for Episode 4 and beyond:

Dan’s original post on Bill dropping his Franklin Mint collectible Starship Enterprise

Garrett Wang from Voyager joins the cast of Axanar:

The scene that terrified Dan as a young child:

Star Trek Renegades:


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