Star Trek Continues Premieres 2nd Episode


Star Trek Continues, the fan-produced web series that debuted in 2013 to rave reviews of it’s first episode, “Pilgrim of Eternity,” has made their second episode available for viewing!

Episode 2, “Lolani,” debuted this past Saturday night in Dallas, Texas at the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo and has since been posted to YouTube. ¬†As backers of the KIRKstarter Campaign to fund episode 2, we here at TrekGeeks were entitled to a sneak preview of the episode–and we were not disappointed.

Lolani03We don’t want to give you too much detail because we want you to watch the episode and share it, but “Lolani” keeps the best traditions of Star Trek alive as it delivers a poignant script that’s well-crafted and almost flawless in its execution.

The returning cast making up the crew of the Starship Enteprise does a fantastic job in this episode. In the last episode, we noted that they avoided slipping into caricature–but in “Lolani,” they grow into these characters a little more and seem even more at ease.

Vic Mignogna’s portrayal of Captain Kirk is spot-on and the conflict and range of emotions he brings to this episode make the character as believable as original three seasons of Star Trek. Guest star Fiona Vroom also shines as the Orion slave girl, Lolani, for whom the episode is named.

Fans of 80’s television will appreciate two guest appearances in this episode–Erin Gray (Col. Wilma Deering from “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”) appears as Commodore Gray and Lou Ferrigno (TV’s “The Incredible Hulk) appears as Orion slave trader, Zaminhon–green paint, and all.

(If you are unable to see the embedded episode of Star Trek Continues above, please click here.)

“Lolani” is a fabulous episodes and Trek fans of all ages will enjoy it. It’s a story that’s worthy of the name “Star Trek” in every way.

See it. Share it. Most of all…enjoy it. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.