Trek Geeks #272: Doug Jones

Captain Saru from Star Trek: Discovery!

This week, we’re joined by one of the most positive and joyful people in the Star Trek Universe!

This accomplished actor has been in so many memorable roles and, sometimes, we bet you didn’t even know it was him! His ability to act while covered up under layers of latex and makeup make him one of the most talented human beings on the face of the Earth.

His character, Saru, on the highly acclaimed and award winning series, “Star Trek: Discovery” was the main focus of an article written by Bill which was published on called “What I’ve Learned from Saru,” which was also the focus of Trek Geeks #191.

We are honored to welcome the incredible Doug Jones to Trek Geeks for a discussion about his career, portraying Saru, and some of the other roles he’s had which are among our favorites!