Trek Geeks #267: Best Laid Plans

…or, “Why We Won’t Be in Vegas This Year.”

To say we’ve been getting excited for Las Vegas and the 55 Year Mission Tour convention would be a vast understatement. As recently as a few days ago, we were preparing to make our trip to the desert.

…and then we changed our plans.

This week, we pre-empt our planned episode on The Royale to discuss the decision to cancel FanGeeks Party 2021 and our trip to Las Vegas in the wake of the Delta Variant.

Plus, we’ll be joined by Lew Halboth from FanSets to discuss why they are still going to Vegas and what you can expect to see from them for new releases! Oh, and listen for an impromptu giveaway of a huge assortment of FanSets pins, too!

And if you thought we wouldn’t have the last of our “How to Vegas” series with Ron Wrobel, you’d be wrong! We’ll talk about what to do once you get there–just keep in mind it was recorded before our decision.

We hope everyone travelling to Vegas stays safe and healthy. Enjoy yourselves and look out for one another, because we’ll sure miss you!