Rewind #044: Insurrection

The one where I talk to Bill and Dan about their favourite movie.

That’s right folks, the episode subtitle says it all, I invited Bill and Dan onto Rewind to join me, Sara, to talk about their favourite Star Trek movie, Insurrection. They LOVE this movie, like, a lot… everything from the opening scene soundtrack, to the witty back and forth banter and the intensity of the chosen Alien villain. I was shocked!

But that’s not all we talk about, oh no. The first half of this episode is all about the upcoming Creation 57-year mission convention in Las Vegas. We’re talking about the Fan Geeks party, what is sure to be the most epic event yet. Bill and Dan tease all about the Fan Sets giveaways, the celebrity guests and some info about the fabulous new location, the Millennium fandom bar!. We also talk about the possible strike implications on convention attendance and who we are all excited to see on stage and at their booth. So join us for this special edition of Rewind that’s here to tie you over until Haley and I return after our summer vacation.