Rewind #41: The First Duty

The one where Wesley tries to be a bad boy

Hello friends! Haley and Sara are here today to discuss duty, the first duty, second duty…you know, all the duties! What even is the first duty? Listen to this podcast and find out! Haley and Sara sat down and rewatched the TNG classic where Wesley gets into some trouble at Starfleet and it’s a total disaster! Bad boy Wesley, just what no one except Haley asked the universe for!

But don’t worry, it’s not all about Wesley, that’d be ridiculous! There are some spring cleaning tips sprinkled within the conversation and a huge discussion around Picard season 3. We’re touching on multiple episodes and gushing over how much we are LOVING it. So please, download, listen, laugh and enjoy our 41st episode of Rewind, a Star Trek podcast.