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SyFy Sistas 4.08: Interviews with Michelle Paradise and Doug Jones

It’s been a Hellva Ride This week the Sistas sit down with the Executive Producer Michelle Paradise and Actor Doug Jones for one last set of official Star Trek Discovery interviews. Watch Star Trek Discovery on Paramount+: Find out more about…

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The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast 6.05: Tron

And Tron: Legacy

Prepare for an electrifying episode as we dive into the groundbreaking film, Tron! We also discuss Tron: Legacy. The 1982 film was a game changer in how films could be made.

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Rewind 52: 17 Seconds

The one with the elevator ride Hello Trek family and friends, Haley and Sara are back to talk all about Picard Season 3, episode 3… 17 seconds. (name of your sex tape) Things are bad! the Titan is sinking, folks are getting jostled about, injured and who knows what will happen next? It’s exhilarating and…

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Deep Space Pride 117: The One Where We Talk About the End of Discovery

Shockingly, Mike and Johnson have different thoughts when it comes to the Discovery finale. At this point, we’re publishing once a month! But life is busy and full of the unexpected. It’s definitely been a long road and we’re not sure how we got here,…

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The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast 6.04: Andy Weir

New York Times Best Selling Author

Prolific sci-fi author, Andy Weir, joins us for a fascinating discussion of his New York Times best selling novels. His books, which include The Martian, Artemis, and Project Hail Mary have helped to define the standard for this generation’s science fiction.

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SyFy Sistas 4.07: Dawnn: A New Day Foundation

Our Fully Pipped Captain The Sistas welcome TV icon, Dawnn Lewis to the show. We geek out about “A Different World” and “Star Trek Lower Decks”. But what we are really excited about is, is Dawnn’s A New Day Foundation and the upcoming…

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The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast 6.03: Natalijah Nogulich

The Admiral Is Aboard!

Natalijah Nogulich, who portrayed Admiral Nechayev, one of the most controversial admirals in Star Trek’s history, stopped by to chat about her career, her time in Trek, and her upcoming appearance at Trek Long Island!

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Trek Geeks #313: News of the Quadrant

They’re Back! Calling all Trekkies! Set phasers to “stun” because Bill and Dan are back on the Bridge of the Trek Geeks for another exciting episode, this time diving headfirst into the latest Star Trek news.  This episode promises a warp…

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The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast 6.02: Matt Kaplowitz

Trek Untold Host

Trek Long Island is right around the corner and Matt Kaplowitz from the podcast Trek Untold has been hard at work organizing the many awesome podcasters that will be appearing at this 2nd annual fan run convention May 31-June 2nd!

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SyFy Sistas 4.06: Our Geek Origin Stories

Support Your Local Library The Sistas reminiscence on how it all started. Fran, Subrina, Tamia and Yvette share the intimate details of their Geek journey. “A Wrinkle in Time”: 
“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”: “The Mists of…

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