Drawn to Trek: A Star Trek Animation Podcast

Hosted ByAaron Harvey, John Cooley, Jessie Gender, & Darren Moser

For 45+ years there has been one animated Star Trek series, but soon there will be 3 not to mention the animated Short Treks! This podcast explores the world of animated Star Trek in all its incarnations from the 1970s Star Trek: The Animated Series to the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks and the upcoming young adult focused Star Trek: Prodigy!

Join Aaron Harvey, co-author of Star Trek: The Official Guide to the Animated Series as he and his co-hosts John Cooley, Jessie Gender, and Darren Moser analyze and animated Trek adventures and talk about how they fit into a half-century of Trek history and lore.

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Drawn To Trek #002: It’s a Plate!

Comic-Con @ Home Reaction This week it was like Geek Christmas morning as we all stumbled out out bed bleary eyed and sat down to the computer to open...

Drawn To Trek #001: New Emotion Chip Data!

Surprises! What’s the best part of modern Star Trek? Surprises! And surprises are what we got this week! On Monday there was a 15 second micro-trailer for season 2...

Drawn To Trek: Meeting the Crew

Animated Discussion Welcome to Drawn To Trek a new podcast from Trek Geeks! We will be covering ALL the animated Star Trek Series: Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS)...