Con Pod #013: Unofficial STLV Events

Fan organized events for the STLV Convention

Join our host TrekkerRon as we look at 3 unofficial, fan organized events at the upcoming STLV Convention in Las Vegas!

Our first event is co-hosted by the Trek Geeks and FanSets – the Trek Geeks party! This event will have surprise guests, lots of giveaways and is a good time for all. Held at the Millenium Fandom Bar, this event is sold out – but listen for your chance to win tickets!

The second event is the Newbie and Solo Meet and Greet hosted by the admins of the Star Trek Convention Experiences Facebook Group and the Lambda Quadrant. Not just for Newbies and Solo Travelers, this event is the first night of STLV and a great way to kick off the festivities and meet new Trekkies!

The third event is hosted by Yez, and the STLV Craft Swap Facebook group and is a daily event where Trekkies trade hand made, Trek themed crafts!