William Shatner

Trek Geeks #132: Jetrel

CONFRONTING THE PAST This week, we take a look at the Star Trek: Voyager episode, “Jetrel,” which is an amazing first season installment of the third live-action spinoff series. Dr. Ma’bor Jetrel created a weapon fifteen years ago that was used against the Talaxians. 300,000 of Neelix’s people–including his own family. Now, Jetrel has come…

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Trek Geeks #87: Shatnermas!

CELEBRATING WILLIAM SHATNER With Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Year coming to an end, what better way to close it out than to look at the career of one of Trek’s central figures? It’s undeniable that William Shatner has had an amazing career and done so many amazing things that we think he deserves his own…

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