Trek Geeks #313: News of the Quadrant

They’re Back!

Calling all Trekkies! Set phasers to “stun” because Bill and Dan are back on the Bridge of the Trek Geeks for another exciting episode, this time diving headfirst into the latest Star Trek news.

This episode promises a warp core-powered discussion of recent developments that are sure to energize any fan. Did you hear that filming for Strange New Worlds season 3 has finished? Bill and Dan will be dissecting what this might mean for SNW’s future. Remember how we were all speculating on a new Starfleet Academy series? Well, buckle up, because the rumors have been confirmed with the casting of Holly Hunter in the lead role!  The guys will be exploring what this means for the franchise.

Plus, the Section 31 movie has finally wrapped filming! Bill and Dan talk about what excites them about this project as well as the return of an intriguing character.  And if that wasn’t enough to boldly go where no fan has gone before, Bill and Dan will also have some exciting news to share about their very own Trek Geeks panels at the upcoming Trek Long Island convention! So, if you’re on the Eastern seaboard and looking for a chance to engage with fellow Trek enthusiasts, be sure to tune in for the details.

Whether you’re a Trekkie who’s been boldly going since the days of Kirk and Spock, or a newer fan who’s just discovering the wonders of the final frontier, this episode of Trek Geeks is sure to have something for you. So, raise a glass of replicated prune juice and get ready to geek out with Bill and Dan!