Trek Geeks #312: Two Geeks & No Plan

The All-Outtake Episode!

2023 was a sad, sad year. The traditional year-end Outtakes Super Edit didn’t happen as planned and the dozen of Trek Geeks fans everywhere were crestfallen that their holidays suddenly had no meaning whatsoever.

Bill and Dan have decided to make up for it this week with an entire episode about NOTHING!  Now, now…calm down, Andy Fark. We know you’re gonna say, “EVERY episode is about nothing,” and, while you might be right, this one is even more nothinger. So THERE. Take that, doodoohead.

So, this episode is what happens when Bill and Dan have no plan at all. There’s some Star Trek in this episode, so all is not lost. However, if you want to hear the origins of the phrases “turkey neck” and “man up or s*it in your hat” in their lives, then be sure to listen all the way through.

[Please do not operate any heavy machinery or vehicles while listening to this episode. We are not responsible if you fall asleep.]