Trek Geeks #310: Future Imperfect

A Perfectly Imperfect Episode

The Flagship returns! (We know–we’re pretty excited, too.) Bill and Dan take on the Season 4 NextGen episode, “Future Imperfect,” where CAPTAIN Will Riker has lost 16 years of his memory, has to complete peace negotiations with the Romulans, and…oh…did we mention he happens to have a son named JEAN-LUC?!?!

Something’s not quite right in Riker’s imperfect future, and we’ll discuss it all!

Also, Bill calls an audible on next week’s episode and a 20 minute outtake?! ¬†You read that right. Stay tuned after the end theme for a TWENTY MINUTE BABBLEFEST!

It’s all in Episode 310 of The Biggest Little Show This Side of the Alpha Quadrant!