Trek Geeks #309: Spectre of the Gun

Back in the Saddle Again

(See, this is a Western episode and “Back in the Saddle” is a song sung by a cowb…never mind.)

Some might say that it’s been a long road gettin’ from there to here. They might also say it’s been a long time, but our time is finally near.

Well, that time is NOW! That’s right Geeks, the Flagship has entered standard orbit and is beaming down a classic Star Trek episode this week: “Spectre of the Gun.”

Bill & Dan have loved this episode since childhood and think it gets unfairly maligned with a good portion of Season 3. They’ll tell you why everyone else is wrong and why you should give it another watch!

Plus, a recap of Trek Talks 3, new FanSets product news, and a celebration of 9 years of The Biggest Little Show in the Alpha Quadrant in the episode Bill’s wife Kelly calls, “Episode Three Hundred and IT’S ABOUT F***ING TIME!”