Trek Geeks #300: The 300th One

300 Attempts at a Hostage Tape

Bill and Dan are back after an unintended and unscheduled hiatus to celebrate their 300th episode!

They’ve planned this episode several times. At first, there were going to be special guests. Then, after that plan was scrapped, they were going to have someone else host Episode 300. After careful deliberation, they decided that the best way to celebrate such an epic landmark was to take it back to basics.

So, in this episode, you’ll get the guys talking about their friendship and the history of Trek Geeks–and they’ll also work in some questions from the Trek Geeks Patreonicles and voice mails from Camp Khitomer!

Sincere thanks to everyone that has ever taken the time to listen to the podcast. You are all a part of this journey and the fabric of Trek Geeks and, for that, Bill and Dan are truly grateful.

Here’s to 1,000 more!