Trek Geeks #299: Scott Bakula, Anson Mount, & John Billingsley

Highlights from TREKtalks2!

Just a few weeks ago, we were incredibly fortunate to be joined by so many of our Star Trek icons to support the Hollywood Food Coalition in TREKtalks2. Plus, with the help of this amazing fandom, we were able to beat last year’s total and then some!

This week, we bring are proud to bring you some of the highlights of that day.

We’ll be joined first by Enterprise’s John Billinsgley to talk about how TREKtalks2 went and get his thoughts on the day–as well as an updated total on fundraising!

Then, we bring you the audio of our conversation with the Captain of the Enterprise himself, Anson Mount from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds!

After that, it’s the Captain of the first Enterprise–the one and only Scott Bakula from Star Trek: Enterprise!

Don’t forget you can STILL make a donation to the telethon by going to today!

It’s a star-filled 299th episode of Trek Geeks and we hope you’ll join us!