Trek Geeks #294: Picard Season 2 Recap

The Return of Q

This week, Bill and Dan take a look at the second (and penultimate) season of Star Trek: Picard!

Forced into an alternate timeline by the return of Q, Picard and crew must travel back to the 21st Century to protect an ancestor and protect the future that they know. Oh, and there’s the Borg Queen, so you know some serious BLEEP is going to happen there.

It was a season that had a lot going on, and we’ll try to make sense of it all–and we’ll tell you how we’d rate it, and the answers might surprise you!

Plus, Lew from FanSets stops by for an extended conversation about their new pin lines and drops an exclusive announcement on their special 2022 Holiday Pin (pending licensing approval)!

And stick around after the closing theme for the longest after-show conversation ever with a special cameo by Bill’s wife, Kelly–all in this week’s episode of The Flagship!