Trek Geeks #278: It’s Only a Paper Moon

“He’s A One-Legged Crazy Man!”

This week, Bill & Dan look at the standout Season 7 episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “It’s Only a Paper Moon!”

Nog returns to DS9 after losing his leg in the events of “The Siege of AR-558” in an effort to continue his recovery. Starfleet has put him on medical leave, but Nog wants nothing to do with the real world. He escapes into the holosuites and the Vic Fontaine program–but will he ever leave?

Aron Eisenberg truly shines in this episode, and we’ll talk about all the reasons why. Plus, we’ll look at Nog’s escapism and compare it to how many people–including us–have dealt with the pandemic the last couple of years.

This is one you’re not gonna want to miss, pally.