Trek Geeks #274: Oasis

The Return of a Beloved Star Trek Actor

Star Trek: Enterprise paved a lot of ground in its first season, creating characters and a history of Starfleet. However, it also dared to bring a regular cast member from another Star Trek series on board as a guest star, playing a character completely unrelated.

We all know that the amazing RenĂ© Auberjonois played Constable Odo for seven seasons on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but many people forget he also played Ezral in the first season Enterprise episode, “Oasis.” For the second anniversary of his passing, we’ll consider this episode and what RenĂ© brings to it specifically.

Plus, we have a winner of some FanSets pins!

We’ve got one more brand-new episode in 2021 after this, so we hope you’ll join us for this episode of The Flagship.