Trek Geeks #253: Star Trek Mixtapes


In the last year, many of us have watched a lot of Star Trek, so this week, we’re going to mix it up for you a little–and we do mean that literally!

We’ll be joined by our friend and PoliTreks co-host Barry DeFord to discuss the themes for our episode marathons and which installments we’ve selected to watch!


The music of Trek Geeks comes from none other than Five Year Mission and Episode 32 of Five Year Mission: The Podcast is available now on the Trek Geeks Podcast Network! This time, the guys have another installment of “What Are Little Songs Made Of?” as they look the episode “Space Seed” and the song it inspired!

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5YM, of course, is every note of music you hear on Rewind, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Go get yourself a copy of all their CDs: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Spock’s Brain, and The Trouble With Tribbles. It’s easy head on over to RIGHT NOW and get that physical media in your hands! We just KNOW you’ll become huge fans of the band and their music!


Vulcans are Jerks

TOSs02e10Journey to BabelOur introduction to Sarek and his fractured relationship with Spock.
DS9s07e04Take Me Out to the HolosuiteA Vulcan Captain has a rivalry with Sisko about baseball and needs to demonstrate his superiority.
ENTs01e01Broken BowVulcans ruin everything, including our desire to explore the galaxy.
ENTs01e17FusionT’Pol is assaulted by the rarely used Vulcan Mind Meld.
ENTs04e07The ForgeA great examination on Vulcan culture and the snobbery of the Vulcan High Command and the terrorist Syrranite Vulcans.
ENTs04e08AwakeningPart 2
ENTs04e09Kir’SharaPart 3
DSCs01e06LetheSarek literally chases Michael Burnham out of his mind, with good reason. (Joe Menosky & Ted Sullivan)

Hitch a Ride

TOSs01e02Charlie XCreepy God-like kid who doesn’t understand a lot of stuff. Here you go, Kirk.
TOSs01e13The Conscience of the KingTraveling actor could be a mass murdering dictator from the past? Who knew?
TOSs03e13Elaan of TroyiusSpoiled brat of a ruler controls Kirk with her alien tears.
TNGs01e05Where No One Has Gone BeforeI can’t stand The Traveler, but he fits this mixtape.
TNGs01e12DataloreThe old evil twin trope.
TNGs02e01The ChildDeanna is pregnant with an alien baby and no one freaks out.
TNGs02e10The DauphinWesley falls in love with a shape shifting alien.
TNGs03e09The Vengeance FactorReally old woman makes Riker Parthas a la Yuta and wants to kill a dude.
TNGs03e10The DefectorRomulan defector is not what we think. JAMES SLOYAN.
TNGs03e11The HuntedEscaped prisoner turns out to be super soldier.


TNGs01e22SymbiosisFellecium addicts.
TNGs03e21Hollow PursuitsHolo-addiction.
TNGs05e06The GameVideo game/pleasure addiction.
DS9s02e22The WireGarak’s addiction to an implant in his head.
DS9s04e03Hippocratic OathBashir works to cure the Jem’Hadar of their addiction to Ketrecel White.
ENTs03e19DamageT’Pol’s addiction to Trellium-D.
PICSeason 1All Episodes with RaffiThe importance of Raffi’s journey through her addiction.

Sentience and Interspecies Empathy

TOSs01e25Devil in the Dark
TNGs04e16Galaxy’s Child
TVHMovieStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home
DSCs03Book’s Character Arc
TMPMovieStar Trek: The Motion Picture
TNGs06e09Quality of Life
TNGs02e09The Measure of a Man
TOSs02e03The Changeling