Trek Geeks #250: Jake Sisko (with David Majors)


This week on Trek Geeks, we continue our month-long series of special episodes for Black History Month.

We wanted to elevate the voices in our fandom that we thought you needed to hear so all February long, we’ll be featuring content from African American podcasters from our Star Trek fandom! Bill and Dan will bookend each episode, but we hope you enjoy the special content that has been put together by these amazingly talented and wonderful people.

In this episode, our friend David Majors from the Promenade Merchants Podcast will talk about an often over-looked character in the Star Trek Universe: Deep Space Nine’s Jake Sisko! Joining him in the discussion to look at this pivotal character is his sister Maimunah!


Our sincere thanks go out to David and Maimunah for sharing their thoughts and their voices with the Trek Geeks audience!

You can find out more about the Promenade Merchants Podcast which features David and co-host Heather Kirby on their Twitter page: @PromTrekPod and download their podcast on your favorite podcast app.