Trek Geeks #235: If Memory Serves


This week, our discussion on Christopher Pike, Vina, and the Talosians wraps up with a look at Star Trek: Discovery!

In Discovery’s second season, we returned to Talos IV in an episode titled, “If Memory Serves.” Michael Burnham needed the help of the Talosians to unlock Spock’s memories and that wasn’t all.

This episode saw a reunion of Pike and Vina 54 years after The Cage was produced, and we learned even more about the bond between these characters.

We’ll talk about this continuation of their story and why it worked so very well. Plus news and special discounts from FanSets and Science Division in this week’s episode of The Flagship!


The music of Trek Geeks comes from none other than Five Year Mission and Episode 21 of Five Year Mission: The Podcast is available now! This time, talk about the episode and song Court Martial!

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