Trek Geeks #201: 2019 Outtakes Special #1


After the end music of every episode of Trek Geeks, Bill and Dan have an outtake–a bit of their conversation before the actual podcast recording. Last year, we didn’t do an Outtakes Special and we heard from a lot of people.

So, back by popular demand, it’s the return of our year-ending Outtakes Special, and this year we have two installments for you!

Part 1 will drop on Christmas Eve, and Part 2 will drop on January 7th, 2020!

We hope you have a safe and happy Holiday Season!


We’d also like to thank Five Year Mission for their support and for saying “yes” to an email request they received from two geeks in New Hampshire about using their music in a podcast.

We’re proud to feature the music of Five Year Mission exclusively on Trek Geeks and we hope that you’ll become a big fan of their music as we are!

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