Trek Geeks #193: Artificial Intelligence in Star Trek


It seems that technology touches our everyday lives, and Star Trek seems to have inspired it all!

From smart phones to digital assistants, Trek showed us that artificial intelligence would become part of our daily routines, and how right it was.

We’ll examine everything from computers to androids and photonic beings! Joining us in this special roundtable discussion are two of our Patreon Producers, Jamie Rogers and Ken Byrd!

It’s a discussion that our favorite Vulcan might call…fascinating!

Plus, news and your weekly FanSets discount code on The Flagship!


Episode 2.5 of Five Year Mission: The Podcast is available now and you’ll hear Mike and Fark discuss the passing of Aron Eisenberg and the episode, “It’s Only a Paper Moon” with Jim Moorhouse from the TrekRanks Podcast.

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