With The First Link 2.14: The Icarus Factor


When a special envoy to the Enterprise turns out to be Commander Riker’s father, some hard hitting blind martial arts fighting ensues as both men need to have it out in the ring. Riker has a hard decision about taking a promotion to leave the Enterprise. A grumpy Worf needs some acupuncture – Klingon Style – and Ruthie and Matthew talk about decision making, ambition, and how we know staying in a place or leaving is right for us.

And remember that TREKtalks 2 is Saturday January 14th – an all-day telethon with your favourite Star Trek actors in support of the Hollywood Food Coalition hosted by the Trek Geeks network. The event (both live stream and recording afterward) can be found at Trektalks.net. AND Matthew will be in the event for the TREKtivism panel joined by Jonathan Frakes, Armin Shimerman, John Billingsley, Kitty Swink, and Heidi Roddenberry to talk about how fandom can catalyze social change! Matthew will have a chance to share a recent example – the Star Trek community fundraiser for Esther’s Echo, his non-profit organization supporting a school for women and girls in Sierra Leone. So be sure to tune in!