With The First Link 2.03: Elementary, Dear Data


How do we define intelligence? Is an android incapable of original thought just because they have every Sherlock Holmes mystery memorized? In this episode, Matthew and Ruthie try not to be too angry with Pulaski for asking unfair questions, or with the ship’s computer for creating a self-aware holographic villain. Matthew also reflects on moderating the “Trektivism” panel during the Trek Geeks “TrekTalks” telethon fundraiser for the Hollywood Food Coalition

Main cover art by Nathan Nun, www.nathannun.ca
Theme Music is An Amazing Adventure by Flame Lion Studios

Trektivism Panel: https://youtu.be/vicnd7GQdl0?t=21204
Trektivism Organizations to visit:
Hollywood Food Coalition https://hofoco.org OR donate.trektalks.net
T1 International https://www.t1international.com
Roddenberry Foundation https://roddenberryfoundation.org
Pop Culture Hero Coalition https://www.popculturehero.org
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network https://secure.pancan.org/site/TR?fr_id=2359&pg=team&team_id=32808
Esther’s Echo https://www.esthersecho.org