The Divine Treasury #022: The Collector’s Corner: Science Division, Part Deux

The Trouble with Gorn…I Mean Tribbles

In our 6th supplemental episode of our series: “The Collector’s Corner,” we are once again joined by two of our favorite people in the quadrant, Science Division owners, Jay and Kayleigha Zawacki. In case you have forgotten, they are the makers of the world’s first interactive Tribble.

This time around on “The Collector’s Corner,” Jay and Kayleigha talk about the new editions to there growing Tribble family. There is even talk about a possible Purple Tribble to add to their collection. We also discuss the future plans for the company and their planned convention appearances. As always, Jamie engages Kayleigha in so more playful Gorn banter to round out their discussion. Please check out their website at and bring home a Tribble today.

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