The Divine Treasury #014: The Collector’s Corner – EXO-6

“It is real!”

In our fourth supplemental episode of our series: “The Collector’s Corner,” we speak to Charmaine Tam, the Director of Marketing from EXO-6. They have burst onto the scene with the most realistic-looking, museum grade 1/6 scale Star Trek Figurines on the market. Charmaine talks about Nanjin, the company’s founder and his passion for Star Trek, collecting, and 1/6 scale figurines. She also talks about EXO-6’s extensive quality control process, their business model, and their complete manufacturing process. She also gives us a sneak peak of what products we can expect down the line from this innovative and artistic new company! Please check out their website at and add the most realistic Star Trek figurine on the market to your collection!

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