The Divine Treasury #009: The Collector’s Corner: Rittenhouse Archives

“All I have to do is get him this card….”

In our third supplemental episode of our series: “The Collector’s Corner,” we speak to Steve Charendoff, the President of Rittenhouse Archives. They own the exclusive license to make Star Trek Non-Sport Trading Cards as well as the license for card products from other franchises, such as Game of Thrones and The Umbrella Academy. Steve talks about his time in marketing working for The NHL and how his career then transitioned into the card business when he began to work at Fleer. Once Fleer acquired Skybox, Steve began his long journey of making and selling Star Trek Non-Sport Trading Cards. A career that has lasted for over 25 years with hundreds of product releases and the formation of his current company, Rittenhouse Archives. Please check out their website at and add to your Star Trek Non-Sport Trading Card collection today!

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