The Divine Treasury #000: Introduction


In this introductory episode, Mike Bovia and Jamie Rogers, explain the format for the show and it’s mission, as well as a little bit about who they are and their own fandoms.

The Divine Treasury delves into collecting all things Star Trek. This podcast will feature conversations with collectors as they talk about the wonderful Star Trek treasures that they collect, share, and sell. More importantly, this podcast will examine the stories behind their collections, what drove them to collect, and which items hold the most important places in their hearts. Other episodes will include topics about the science of collecting and will feature interviews with industry professionals, such as Star Trek Licensees, manufacturers, suppliers, authenticators, and graders.


The music of The Divine Treasury comes from none other than Five Year Mission and Episode 25 of Five Year Mission: The Podcast is available now on the Trek Geeks Podcast Network!

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