SyFy Sistas Special 2.02: Esther’s Echo

Featuring Founder Matthew Cimone

Our Trek Geeks colleague and founder of Esther’s Echo, Matthew Cimone, drops by to share with the Sistas his important charity and how we can all donate.

Esther Kanu is a leader. Esther is a survivor. After experiencing the horrors of female genital mutilation, poverty, forced marriage, and war, she dedicated herself to a mission: that no young woman in Sierra Leone should have to face the life Esther had. And with that mission, in the middle of a civil war, Esther started a school called the Women in Action Development Project designed to provide young women and girls in Sierra Leone with an opportunity to go to school, learn trade skills, and find employment. Over two decades later, her school is still in operation, surviving past the civil war to help reintegrate a whole generation of youth who grew up in the middle of conflict. Esther’s school now has an annual enrollment of 250 girls and nearly a thousand graduates, some of whom have returned as teachers.

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