SyFy Sistas 2.01: Ladies, Gentlemen, and Variations Thereupon, the One and Only Nana Visitor

The 1st Anniversary Episode

Who would have believed that a nonchalant fangirl post on the SyFy Sistas Muthaship Facebook group could lead to an actual squeal before letting the Fabulous One into the zoom room. The best Anniversary present ever!

Dr. Michelle Thaller – American Astronomer and research scientist for NASA
Assistant Director for Science Communication at NASA’s Goodard Space Flight Center in Maryland.
Dr.Tara Brach – – Psychologist, Author, Teacher, Meditation
Jess Zimmerman – – “Women and Other Monsters”
Nana Visitor aka “Mama Nana” on Instagram: @visitornana
The Star Trek Cruise –
Rosetta Y. Burke, Major General (retired)

A special thank you to Bill and Dan from Trek Geeks for getting us in touch with Ms. Visitor.

This is our First Year Anniversary (December 24th) show Season 2; Episode 1

We give a special shout out to our sound engineer DoS, the Anonymous. Find him at or on Instagram @ dos_theanonymous_1

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